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Aaron Mitchell is a chaplapreneur in Plano, TX. You read it right, chaplapreneur. He is a work place chaplain and entrepreneur. He is burdened to help the entire world to see Jesus more clearly. Aaron’s broad work and life experience help him to bring a different perspective than you may hear from the typical pastor. He has a Master of Divinity from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. Aaron is married to the love of his life Heidi, as they are raising their daughter the amazing Anna Mitchell.

9 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Aaron, I like what I have read so far. I want to keep up with you blog. I think your wife gave it a great name. Mr. chaplapreneur. It is sad we don’t see you anymore at NLBF, but as long you are happy, we are happy for you. Let us keep in touch, we still like to have you come and eat with us. Love you guys, Luz and Carol


    1. Impressive Ark, you actually read something from my site. I am willing to have an intelligent dialogue with you, but most of our conversations are you trying to get me to look stuff up for you, and you making broad statements of your theological opinions with nothing to back it up.


      1. I have read a number of things n your site, Aaron, but as you seldom have the integrity to engage in meaningful dialogue I generally refrain from posting a comment.
        My”opinions” have been generally formed after quite extensive research that began some time ago and is ongoing.
        As fr sweeping statements?
        Good heavens, every religious blog is built upon a premise of statements that make anything I might say look like a soliloquy – especially on certain blogs where the host seems too afraid to address the post/comment.

        So , if you are willing to have an intelligent dialogue lets, look at the post, and notably your assertion that: ”Agnostics, atheists and the distracted want to destroy the faith of our children.”
        Or you could address the comment I posted on James’ blog?
        I did reply to his rem ark by the way but he has refused t publish it.
        And as I have said already, I am prepared to back u any statement I make regarding theology, otherwise I would not make it and would be a fraud. and a hypocrite.
        So please, let’s put the verbal ”tis so – tis not ” t one side and discuss the post, shall we?

        I have already raised two points, here and on James’s blog.
        I don’t mind which one we discuss.


    1. John piper taught there before he went to Bethlehem baptist.
      Norman geisler taught there some

      Greg Boyd was also on staff there until open theism became part of his battle cry. Piper may have had something to do with him not being there anymore.
      It was a great experience there. I wasn’t indoctrinated, I learned how to do the work with the text. I loved my seminary experience there.
      The program I did was called InMinistry. We were there for intensives 4 weeks out of the year and did the rest at home. It was spread out over 5 years.

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