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What is the New Testament Challenge?

“The New Testament Challenge”
ISBN: 978-1-942508-03-8

I felt burdened to help solve a problem. People need to be able to read the Bible and understand the context in which it was written. The Bible teaches us how to navigate life in partnership with God. The New Testament has 260 chapters. If you read one Bible chapter a day for five days a week, you will read the New Testament in one year. The New Testament Challenge is reading a Bible chapter and the coinciding entry from the book to help you walk through the New Testament. An opportunity to take it to the next level exists by journaling about what you are learning and attending a small group once a week where the participants all read and journaled to the same 5 chapters. I can’t wait to hear about how The New Testament Challenge changes your life!

What are people saying about “The New Testament Challenge?

“The New Testament Challenge by Aaron Mitchell is the perfect way to experience the New Testament in one year.  The one page per chapter guide is perfect in helping you to understand God’s truths and how to apply them to your life.  One day at a time, one chapter at a time, will change your life over time.”

– Tom Ziglar 

CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

“Aaron Mitchell has provided an easy to use tool for the daily practice of personal spiritual discipline and the challenge of learning what the Holy Spirit wants to make out of the follower of Jesus Christ.”

– John Phillips

Senior Pastor, The First Church of God, New Bethlehem, PA

I have known Aaron Mitchell for several years.  During this time, Aaron has always impressed me with not only his knowledge of scripture, but also his ability to apply scripture.  You will benefit from both.  Each day, he will challenge you to apply these New Testament lessons by answering questions in the “Today’s Journal” section.  If you follow his plan you will be enlightened, educated, and encouraged.”

Bryan Flanagan

VP Sales and Training, Ziglar, Inc.


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Take the challenge!  Change your life!

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