Honest to God (Anger)

We sure do try to hide don’t we?  I think us men are the best at it.  We hide our feelings, our thoughts and we even try to hide from God.  Women do it too.  When the Bible speaks of the return of Christ, there will be those asking the rocks to fall on them (Revelation 6:16).  They will try to hide.  We are told by the author of Hebrews a scary reality about God’s Word.  It exposes us in such a way it is like we are naked before it and nothing is hidden from God’s sight (Hebrews 4:13).  These are scary realities.  But, not much is more scary than our own ability to deceive ourselves.  

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Many years ago a Christian leader I respect told me I was angry.  I looked at him grunted and said, “I am not angry I am a Christian, grugh!”  Even in my response.  I could hear it.  Yes, I was a believer and still am, but during that period of time I needed to confront the reality that I was an angry person.  I had some anger towards others, but ultimately who was I angry at?    

Here is something I notice often as a chaplain.  Many people are mad at God.  Many believers are mad that God didn’t show up, heal their family member, give them the right job, fix their marriage or their child.  People are hurting, and they are mad, but they are afraid to come to terms with who they are mad at and/or why they are mad. 

My counsel is always, that God knows you are mad at Him.  You need to take it up with Him.  You need to pray loudly in your car.  You need to ask Him, “Where were you when I needed you?”  “Why don’t you fix this, or him, or her?”  “Why did you let me feel humiliated?”  “Or why does my child hurt?”  You need to hash it out with Him, because He can take it.  If you haven’t come to terms with it, the alternative is much worse.  That alternative being that you will continue to hurt the people around you, because hurt people, hurt people.  You are trying to hide it from yourself and God.  You are snapping at and hurting the people you love, who are not made or meant to take your abuse.  God can take it!  Those closest to you can’t and you shouldn’t expect them too.  In a way you are trying to make them your savior.  He understands why you feel this way.  They do not.  It really is that simple.      

The other fear is also understandable.  If you have a problem with God, He is right and you are wrong, you know that going in.  Maybe you need to tell Him, “This doesn’t make sense!”  You need to repent and even tell God you forgive Him.  It sounds strange because obviously He did nothing wrong, but you need to find a way to make peace with Him.  You must fight for it.  You are made for this personal connection with Him.  You can’t try to hide any longer.  It is one of the greatest things you can do for your family and yourself.  You are not fooling anyone, except maybe yourself.  Take a step in the right direction and be honest to God!

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10 thoughts on “Honest to God (Anger)

  1. Amen brother! I approach God with freedom and confidence and just let it all out! I had a pretty rough day yesterday, but God is pulling me through it. You are right! Our anger and questions are never too difficult for God to handle. He already knows our hearts, so I just give it all to Him. God bless brother!

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