Forgiveness (Workplace Wednesday)

What does it mean to forgive?  Well, I guess I would have to say that you are choosing to not give into the temptation to hold someone’s faults, choices, sin, wrong behavior, abuse, etc.  against them.  You are willing to forgive them for much, because you yourself have been forgiven much.  Christ, died for you and He did nothing wrong! So for the sake of the Kingdom of God you are willing to forgive.  

So, what does unforgiveness mean?  It is, giving into the temptation of holding someone’s faults, choices, sin, wrong behavior, abuse, etc. against them.  Your unwillingness to forgive them is sinful.  It is not a Kingdom centered decision.  It is a selfish decision.  It pains the heart of God.  It doesn’t matter what they did.

“Vengence is mine,” says the Lord.  We hold things against people because we believe we can do God’s job better than He can.  We don’t really trust Him.  We believe we can take it from here.  God we don’t need your help.  I will pay them back.  Unforgiveness, keeps the other person in control.  You are in bondage to the other person, by holding on to unforgiveness.   You are choosing to drink poison and hope the other person dies.  It is an irrational sin.  It is deliriously awful.

At work, you have many opportunities to hold onto unforgiveness.  Maybe a co-worker took credit for your work, maybe your boss is mean and condescending.  Maybe you are in charge of people who are not good workers and are always causing division among your team.  It is easy to leave work everyday mad at someone, and it might be the same person for years on end.  This might be considered common or normal, but it isn’t God’s will for your life.

As long as you hold onto unforgiveness, you will continue to let the other person hurt you.  Remember the poison.  You are drinking it and hoping they get hurt.  It doesn’t make sense.  It is effecting your judgment, your family decisions and your peace of mind.  It even may keep you from having a prayer or devotional life.  The worst temptation of all is reserved for the person who is clearly right and has been wronged.  You deserve justice.  But, justice happened at the cross.  The wages of sin is death, and the sinless Son of God needed to die.  You and I were let off the hook.  He cried out, “Father, Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  See yesterday’s blog:  We Are At War (Forgiveness)

Today, pray that you can forgive the person who has hurt you.  Start by asking God to reveal to you if you are angry with anyone.  Pray that you can recall why you are angry.  Then Ask God to forgive this person through you.  Ask Him to dig out all of the hurt, shame and unforgiveness in your heart.  Ask God to do a mighty work in you.  When you want to know if you have forgiven them, begin to pray for them.  Pray for them to know Jesus, or to prosper.  Pray for them.  If you can sincerely pray and want well for them you have forgiven them.  But, be aware we can fall back into it as soon as we speak to them again.    

Forgiveness is for you.  Do not let them hurt you anymore.  Most of all forgive for the sake of Christ and His Gospel.  Amen.  


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    I know it’s not Wednesday anymore, but this lesson on forgiving is timely for any day. Why do we let grudges eat us alive? What if Jesus held our sin against us forever? He doesn’t, and we are commanded to do the same for others. Good teaching, Aaron, thanks for it.

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