My Milli Vanilli Moment (Workplace Wednesday)

Blame it on the rain, yeah, yeah.  I listened to this song on the radio and recounted my own Milli Vanilli moment.  First, let’s talk about these two.  I remember being a pre-teen, or maybe a young teen.  Milli Vanilli was all over the radio.  They were winning awards.  They were famous and the hottest show in the land.  You couldn’t go anywhere, or turn on your car radio and not here there music.

After some short lived fame, a Grammy Award for Best New Artist and selling millions of albums, it came out that they didn’t really sing any of their songs.  At a concert the CD started to skip and this was the beginning of some questions.  Some had their doubts already because their interviews were filled with broken English and deep German accents.

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So, my question is: Were they successful?  They became famous, they made a lot of money.  They won a Grammy, but is this success?  My fear for the church is that maybe we are living in a time where many Christians are living Milli Vanilli lives.

Upfront we can say the right thing.  But, behind closed doors, how are we doing?  We have all been disappointed by athletes and celebrities claiming to be people of faith, or good citizen role model types only to find out their lives are awful.  Now I am a firm believer that people go up and down and no one is perfect, but when did we quit looking at the fruit in someone’s life.  We love analyzing gifts.  We love looking deep into if someone is talented or holds the right political views, or is theologically educated.  But, aren’t we just setting ourselves up for Milli Vanilli moments?

Personally, many years ago I was given the task to preach on prayer.  Their were five Sundays in May and every Sunday was going to be something on prayer.  I was going to preach one of those Sundays.  I studied and was passionate about the text I was preaching on.  The words came out of my head and easily to the keyboard as I typed the manuscript.  When I got up to preach this message, things came to me as I was talking and it was neatly organized into the outline as I spoke.  Some of it was even new to me as I was just realizing new things about scripture and our Lord.

The part I haven’t mentioned yet was that leading up to the sermon I was struggling with anger and bitterness.  I was having conflict with some people in the church.  I couldn’t pray.  I had trouble studying devotionally.  I was wrestling with a deep sadness.  I had the answers but was unable to apply them to my own life.

Some of the best points I made were met with what felt like someone slapping me in the chest.  It hurt.  At the end of a message, in this setting their was always a pressure to get more people to the altar.  It usually never happened.  On this day, people jumped up to pray for family members who needed Jesus, or for needs they had.  Several people were there.

But, what a sad feeling I had as I prayed with people and looked at myself.  I realized a very depressing truth.  His gift and His calling are irrevocable like the Bible says.  If you are gifted and called you are now accountable because He isn’t going to take it back.  We all have Milli Vanilli moments.  But, is it a lifestyle?  Are you pretending to be someone you really are not?  In your work environment, at home or around your friends do you display enough of the fruit of the Spirit in your life that if you were on trial for being a Christian, you would be convicted?  Believer, in your workplace today God wants to use true believers to build His Kingdom.  Are you a true believer or is it just an act?  


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19 thoughts on “My Milli Vanilli Moment (Workplace Wednesday)

  1. I remember them well. Great illustration and absolutely a question we should all ask ourselves.

    2 Corinthians 13:5
    Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

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  2. Good morning, Aaron.

    I wrote the following post with you in mind:

    If you talk to Christians long enough you realize that for most of them their belief in Jesus of Nazareth as the Creator and Master of the universe is not primarily based on scholarship or historical evidence but on their own personal experiences involving this belief.

    “Jesus has performed amazing miracles for me.  There is no way they could have been coincidences.”

    “Jesus dramatically changed my life.  I could never have become the person I am today without Him.”

    “I was very sick.  I prayed to Jesus and shortly thereafter I was healed.  There is no explanation for my healing other than:  Jesus healed me!”

    The problem with this “evidence” is that people from every other religion, sect, and cult (Heaven’s Gate, for example) on the planet say the very same things!  Can they all be right?  Either Jesus is answering prayers, changing lives, and performing miracles for millions of people who don’t believe in him, or, all these religious people are delusional:  their personal experiences and changed lives have nothing to do with an invisible superhero in the sky!

    Check out this video for the evidence disproving this very common Christian delusion:


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