3 Ways Insecurity Kills Your Workplace (Workplace Wednesday)

What part does insecurity play in the workplace?  When a leader is insecure it hurts everyone, because an insecure leader unaware will lead out of that insecurity, where someone who is secure in themselves will prayerfully keep that part of them in check.  Insecurity of a leader is the opposite of the servant leadership we talked about last Wednesday.  See How to Be the Greatest Leader(Workplace Wednesday) .  

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Here are three ways insecurity could be killing your workplace.

1.  Insecure People lead with their insecurities.  In no place does it hurt more than in the highest offices.  If a person is not aware of their insecurity they will default to it.  From CEO all the way down to the bottom,  insecurity can be found.  You will ask questions like, why isn’t this other person leading this project who has a background in this area instead of our CEO who should be concerned with the bigger picture?  The answer is the CEO valued not feeling inferior to someone else, so success wasn’t valued, ego was.  You also see this in churches.  A pastor may not give the proper attention to a youth or children’s department because it is growing faster than the rest of the church.  This happens often because churches neglect youth or children, then they hire someone and naturally it takes off.  But, when people start to give attention to another leader, the head pastor’s insecurity could come out.

There are managers who feel threatened by the very sales people who make them money, so they have them fired.  Insecurity is dangerous because someone’s ego can trump even their own livelihood.

2.  Insecure people cause division.  It is much easier to drag others down than it is to raise up and be like the person who you are jealous of.  Sadly, when we are unchecked and we don’t pray up, this is what comes natural.  We don’t want someone to be better at something, work harder, etc.  So, we will gossip about them or throw comments their way to make them feel bad about themselves.  Believers understand it, but still do it.  Their is a temptation to be like everyone else.  If someone is unchurched or not very churched, they often have no self awareness of their own insecurities which can be hard to deal with.  You can’t expect them to act or think right if they haven’t been given the tools.  But, if you are a believer, you can model it, and be faithful in that even if others never seem to take note.  You don’t know what God will do in the lives of those around you.

3.  Insecure people stay where they are.  Often times an insecure leader is hindered in leading a company further.  An insecure employee gossips too much and fights with co-workers.  They haven’t passed the test where they are, so they are not moving on to the next level.  But, someone who is secure in themselves and does the same thing day in and day out will either thrive in the environment they are in, or they will find a better one.

Remember ultimately, who you work for.  You work for Jesus and you have not yet endured to the shedding of your own blood (Hebrews 12:4).  You have the power with in you to be a good witness, to do your job well and even if no one else sees you, God does!  If you are great at something you will be noticed.  If you are on your way somewhere else, you need to get past this first.  See In Front of Kings!!! (Workplace Wednesday). 

Ultimately though, even if you mess this whole thing up, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are God’s child.  Your identity and personal security should only ever come from that.  You are loved, blessed and highly favored in the eyes of your heavenly father who just so happens to be a king.

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8 thoughts on “3 Ways Insecurity Kills Your Workplace (Workplace Wednesday)

  1. Excellent, Aaron! Nice to see the Holy Spirit moving among believers to deliver similar messages. As you said, security can work on our lives in very practical ways. My own work place is quite tumultuous at this time, Perhaps all this was meant for me personally. Thank you, brother.

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