Monday Morning Motivation – w/ Polycarp

Since you keep wasting your time urging me on … and pretend not to know who and what I am, listen to me announce with boldness: “I am a Christian.”

   “But if you want to learn what the doctrines of Christianity are, appoint me a day, and you shall hear them.”‘


——– Polycarp of Bishop of Smyrna

(Direct Disciple of the Apostle John)

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Polycarp said this at age 86 while standing before the Roman proconsul.  They felt bad for him and were trying to help him with things to say to let him off the hook.  Polycarp was not impressed.  He feared denying God over and above Rome.  I am sure this didn’t sit well with the Romans, nor did it make sense.  But, what a witness for Christ!





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