Water Cooler Gossip (Workplace Wednesday)

We tend to not focus on gossip much as a major sin, yet many Christians destroy their witness in the workplace through gossip.  Often times employees are upset about their employer, boss or co-workers and will talk about how irritated they are.  When a few people start doing this at once, their might be no end to it.  I am not saying that you hold it in, or that you don’t communicate to figure out what to do, but their is a very fine line you have to find and watch that you don’t step over it.

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Also, you have probably noticed that often times it doesn’t make you any feel better, it only opens the door for others to gossip too.  It will also motivate you to let it all out, and like a snowball rolling down a hill it becomes very easy to keep piling on the criticism. 

We tend to like to point out that murders and sexually perverse people do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but we conveniently forget gossips are also on that list (Romans 1:28-32).  So, through the power of Christ we have the opportunity to be better and different.  We can pray for those who mistreat us.  We can have an unshakeable witness and stand outside of gossip and the trap it brings.    

It is fun to know stuff.  We want to know the information and be the one to pass it along.  Socially it is acceptable and we may even be expected to gossip, but not only is it sinful, it can possibly hinder your ability to forge ahead with that company long-term, and it may hold you down.  It will destroy your trust with your co-workers, even if they are doing it with you.  After all, you can’t really expect them to trust you if you are gossiping about someone else behind there back.  Why wouldn’t they think you are or would talk about them too?  Not to mention, God will not honor the decision to be a gossip.  But, He will honor someone who is faithful.  

When it comes down to it.  We don’t focus on it because everyone has done it, and it is so easy to do.  If you are caught up in office gossip right now, Christ will give you the way of escape.  There is no temptation given to us that isn’t common to other people (I Corinthians 10:13).  Pray and ask for God to forgive you for office gossip.  Forgive yourself and try to stay away from that topic or those conversations that are giving you trouble.  You may even have to tell someone you feel bad and you are not going to talk about this person anymore.  

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