The Great Doughnut Deception (Feel Good Friday)

It happened again.  I am sick over it.  I was helpless to the attack.  It happened so fast, and before I knew it, I was in big trouble.  I don’t understand how I get into these situations.  I try to avoid them, but I always seem to find myself back here and hurting.  Once again I defeated myself, but they saw it coming.  They knew it was going to happen.  The statistics were on their side.  It was carefully planned, and I didn’t stand a chance.  Yes, I gave into temptation on The Great Doughnut Deal.


We don’t like to think of ourselves as mere mortals.  We don’t like to think we are vulnerable to the attack.  We may even ignore the fact that their is a real attacker (actually a whole legion).  Somewhere behind a desk, they ran the numbers.  They knew that if they put that chocolate iced doughnut under the right light, and put it right in front of the entry way, it would happen.  It can’t be too close to the door because blocking the aisle creates a barrier and hurts their cause.  It can’t be too far away because we will not notice the doughnuts the same.  It must be at the right angle and the right distance from my eyes and every other person’s eyes who walk through that door especially anyone ranging from 5 1/2 to 6 ft. tall.  The light must be a certain brightness. 

If it all comes together, they knew that a certain amount of people will get a doughnut, they also have some of us on the short list, called: Low Hanging Fruit.  They knew they had me.  Where ever my enemy sits, whether in another state or country when they run those numbers they see me.  I am the guaranteed portion.  They also know I am susceptible to the $0.99 coffee and doughnut special.  I could have one billion dollars and there is something in me that says, you can’t pass that deal up.  

Why do I bring this up?  Two days ago I was driving away from another Doughnut Highjack when I realized we all think we are the exception.  We all think we can outsmart the advertising, our news source, the sales people, etc.  We have greatness inside of us.  We are not of this world.  We are made for great things and we are not part of the problem.  We are the rescuers.  If you are in Christ, that is true.  You do have power over sin, death, temptation, etc.  You can show others the way.  But, we are still victims in this world to The Great Doughnut Deception.   

So, both ideas can be true.  1.  We have greatness in us that has overcome sin and death, so we now have that power as well.  2.  We are in desperate need of a Savior who is the only one capable of saving us, while we still remain helpless to ourselves and the lighting on that doughnut case.  Amen. 

Happy Friday!  




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