A Dangerous Outbreak of Eschatological Munchausen Disorder is Sweeping the American Church!

If you are not familiar with the term Munchausen Disorder, there is a an actual medical diagnosis where parents like having their kids sick.  They will over medicate them, will try to hurt them or make them ill.  .  They will do this so they feel more needed and important to their kid.  They also get special attention for having a sick child.  To play with terms let’s add the word Eschatological.  This is the theological term for studying what the Bible teaches happens in the end times, or end of days.


It has been a confusing time in American Christianity because some people are strongly advocating setting their Bible down to read the stars.  They site Rabbinic tradition and proof text some Old Testament passages that had nothing to do with the USA.  They never will have anything to do with the USA, because the original audience needed to be able to understand what those passages meant for their day.

So when pastors and famous Bible teachers start pulling punches from Joel and Ezekiel when they know better, I have to wonder if this is sincere or some type of sickness.  If you were the devil and you were to attack the church, would you want Christians to be confused, divided and ineffective?  I think so.  Think about all the pain in the world and in our own country today.  Instead of focusing on how to help Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston, many are focusing on, “I told you so.”

This is simply a symptom of the disorder.   Everything that happens according to someone with this sickness, is a result of the warnings in the stars.  Eschatological Munchausen Disorder has over taken their brain and is eating the good will out of their soul.  It takes a special type of sickness for someone to be awaiting God’s swift judgment to wipe out the people they are pretending to care about, or tricking themselves into thinking they want what is best for them.  Since the Munchausen has progressed to the soul their mind is now consumed with the thought, “I can’t wait to get out of here and my enemies are going to get what is coming to them.

Here is a thought.  I am certain that someone who lost their home or livelihood in this storm is a much better Christian than I am.  I am guessing there are several.  My home is dry theirs is washed away.  The truth is the Bible teaches us that it rains on the righteous and the wicked (Matthew 5:45).

Good news!  There is a cure!  Listen carefully.  The cure is ancient.  It is drug free, glutten free, fat free and natural.  It has a few side effects.  You might start to love people more.  You may become more self controlled or easier to get along with.  This cure is thousands of years old in fact.  The cure is, stop star gazing and open up your Bible.  Read something other than Revelation and your favorite isolated passage from Joel.  If you have to read Revelation, read different perspectives on it, and try to understand it through the lens of persecuted people of the first century.  When you don’t understand something, pick up a commentary to help you understand what it means.  Repent of allowing your soul to be overtaken with Eschatological Munchausen Disorder.  Repent of not loving your enemies, neighbors and family better.  Pray and reconnect with Jesus.  Get around other believers to worship with, and challenge you.  Have them hold you accountable for your own theological rabbit trails.  Star gazing is a distraction, that makes us look weird and less than intelligent.  Blood moons and eclipses that we see coming years in advance and speculations are not from Jesus.

What is most helpful is to be able to reconstruct the original audience and author of the writings.  The more I can understand in full color theological 3-D the better I know Jesus, and how to live out my faith.

That is all.  Thank you for reading.  For further reflection on this topic see also:  Stop Embarrassing Jesus! , Dear Christian Star Gazers, Just Put the Funny Glasses On.



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One thought on “A Dangerous Outbreak of Eschatological Munchausen Disorder is Sweeping the American Church!

  1. This is a timely and important message. People want Scripture to be relevant to them – and this is fair and important. But we have to be careful not to impose our own situation on the text – like you point out, far too many see America mentioned in Old Testament passages that don’t apply to us. A great book that helped me see eschatology differently was Barbara Rossing’s “The Rapture Exposed” – she takes a great study of eschatology by looking at the passages in their original context, which can help us have a healthier perspective!

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