Did God Really Say?


There she stood in the garden.  She was beautiful, intelligent and confident.  There was no need for a crusade for her rights.  There was no need for a protest.  She had no use for greed, she was the richest women to ever walk the earth.  Everything in the garden has been entrusted to her and Adam.  The enemy knew that faith and unhindered fellowship with God can’t be defeated.  The Serpent is described as crafty and witty.  The truth is he has to be.  He dwells in darkness.  Deceitful spirits especially The Father of Lies have no place in the light.  It would be too easy to see clearly and expose him for what he is, a fraud.

The Serpent decides, “I must use what God said some how or call into question His Word.  The man and the woman were given everything in the garden.”  The fact is they can eat from any tree (except one).  One tree they must eat from to continue to live forever and there is only one tree they can never taste.

The Serpent understands why the tree is there.  If there is no opportunity of rebellion, there is really no true faith.  It was a story he knew too well.  The tree must be an option.  All that he needed to do was get this couple to eat from it.  The thought made him gitty!

So the Serpent led in with this:  “Did God really say?”  Thousands of years later we are still falling for it.  Did God really say marriage is between one man and one woman?  Did God really say you can’t steal someone else’s spouse?  I mean look how they are being treated.  Did God really say an unborn child in the womb is a child all the same?  Did God really say worship Him only?  Did He really say we are accountable for our sins?  Did Jesus really say, “He is the Only Way?”  I mean, come on?”

When we choose to walk in darkness and can’t see the path clearly, that old rotten fruit seems to taste right.  Instead of trying to find a way to justify our point of view, maybe we need to dig deep and try to understand His.






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