To Be Consumed with a Larger Reality!

In the Year of ……

(Luke 3)

Chapter three starts by identifying the exact timing of these events.  Those receiving this gospel letter would have recognized Luke’s list of people as important people of the time.  There was a certain Caesar named Tiberius, a governor named Pontius Pilate.  He mentions the religious leaders Annas and Caiaphas.  We do the same today.  We identify events by who was the president or in leadership.  Could someone say today:  During the presidency of Barack Obama, the media era of Anderson Cooper and Bill O’Reilly, and the time of Pope Francis, the Word of God came to ______________ (fill in your name).

Could it be you?  Every time the wind changes directions, we have a new American Idol, or politician making promises that can’t be delivered.  We witness the rise and fall of religious leaders.  The tabloids are not short on gossip or dirty dealings of people.  BUT …. in the midst of it all Jesus wants to speak.  He wants you to get to know Him better.  When you read His Word, like you are doing in this challenge, you begin to recognize what His voice sounds like.  Those who know Him hear His voice.

John the Baptist was not a likely candidate to prepare the way for Jesus.  Sure, his dad was a priest, which made him the Jewish equivalent of a pastor’s kid.  We know from chapter one that his family loved God, but John the Baptizer was not polished.  He had long hair, he was dirty, and didn’t use proper manners when he ate.  Think about it.  Would this guy even be allowed in your church, much less the pulpit?  He was untamable.  and unpredictable.  Yet, God wanted to send a wake up call; He didn’t want to send another religious rule-giver.  He used a prophet; someone who only cared about what God thought of him.  That is who John was.

Followers of Jesus hear from God in different ways.  He may speak to you in your mind.  He may use other believers to speak to you.  He may even speak to you while you are sleeping.  He will always speak to you when you read His Word.  In the time of Barack Obama, Bill O’Reilly and Pope Francis what if God wants to speak through you?  Are you ready for this magnificent responsibility?

Point to Ponder – With all of the seemingly important people in the world, the Word of God came through John.

Scribe to the Heart  “during the high priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas, the word of God came to John the Son of Zechariah in the wilderness (Luke 3:2).”

Today’s Journal – What was it about John that made him so usable by God?  Do I display any of those same qualities?

Prayer for the Day – Lord Jesus, Teach me to follow You, no matter what anyone else thinks.


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