Dear Dallas,

Dear Dallas,

Ten years ago, I came to you.  We visited here and it was what we were looking for.  It was what my wife and I both wanted.  We completely fell in love with Dallas.  To live out our faith, to have a family and to be working contributors to society, this is the perfect place.  We didn’t come here because it was the Bible belt.  We actually came here because not all people look like us or think like us.  Any child of ours would learn how to love God and love their neighbor, regardless of skin color.  Any child of ours would learn how to respect authority, especially those who protect us.

Dallas is that place.  I advertise freely that I am still an Eagles fan and don’t root for the Cowboys.  I even got to go to a game dressed in Green and felt safe walking out with my family afterwards.  I have gotten to rub shoulders with all different types of people in the business world.  I have networked with them and in some cases have been their chaplain.  Many people have stories of moving to this great melting pot like us.  Many even left other countries to be here.

I am deeply saddened by these events.  Pray for the DFW metroplex.  Go out of your way to be nice to someone different from you today.  Hats off to the Mayor and Chief of Police in how they handled this tragedy so far and thank you to the police of Dallas for risking their lives for my family.




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