Are you David or Saul?


Many years ago while reading a book titled, A Tale of Three Kings,” by Gene Edwards, I realized there are only two types of leaders.  This is not to say their are not thousands of different types of leadership, or different gift or talent mixes.  What this means is there is an either/or principle that exists among leaders.  Either you are a David or a Saul.  Read this book if you haven’t it is a fantastic read, but to sum it all up, this is it.  Either you are a Saul or a David. 

So, what do I mean?  David was a man after God’s own heart.  He desired the things of God.  He was lonely and unnoticed among his brothers.  He was out taking care of the sheep while they were doing what seemed like more significant and important work.  But, his family was counting on him to protect those sheep.  If a bear or a lion attacked the sheep he had to  destroy the predator.  No one probably saw it but he had to protect the helpless animals.  When the prophet Samuel goes to crown him as the future king he was tempted to crown one of his brothers instead.

Saul on the other hand was good looking.  He was one we would elect to office today.  He was head and shoulders above the rest.  He was smart and successful.  But, Saul let power destroy him.  He wasn’t humbled by it.  He found ways to lift himself up and not repent to God.  If you made a list of the sins Saul did and compared them with David, you might find that David had sinned in far greater ways than Saul.  David once had a soldier killed who was loyal to him and Israel so he could steal his wife.  To make matters worse the man was a foreigner and not even a true Israelite.

David wrestled with God in his life but he believed.   He fought a giant Philistine champion named Goliath as a teenager because He could not stand hearing the blasphemy any longer.  He couldn’t stand there, he must act.  He destroyed the mighty Goliath with a stone to the fourhead.  It didn’t matter that he was 3 or 4 times his size.  It didn’t matter that he had armor and an amour bearer who stood in front of him with a shield.  It didn’t matter!

Contrast that with Saul, who was trained, wore armor, had the kings sword and towered over the rest of the Israeli army.  He didn’t fight Goliath.  He had a better chance than everyone else according to our human eye.  But, David had God Almighty and the will and the skill to win.

So, what does this have to do with me?  God uses Saul to create David.  Everyone thinks they are the good guy.  But in your life right now are you the example of how not to live?  What would people see if no one was looking?  Would they see David?  Or would they see Saul?  Be a David, their are enough Sauls.  If you are Saul thank you for making David possible.


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