I Got This!

I was recently waiting in line at a local store.  There was a man with a small child who was playing in a toy area beside the counter.  He was trying to check out and take care of the business he came there for.  The little girl dropped the toys and there was a big crash.  Several pieces of snap together toys spread apart on the floor.  The father asked, “Do you need help?”  She says, in a small broken voice that is just learning to speak, “I got it dada.”

When they get a year or two older it is not as cute when they scream, “DAD I GOT THIS!”  There is something about our sinful nature that makes us jump to the conclusion that we are self sufficient far too early.

Have you ever noticed that a small child learning a sport will do the same thing when they are winning.  A coach or a parent will try to help them, and they will ignore them.  It is as if they are saying, “Can’t you see I am the one scoring all the points?  I am good.”  We know as adults they have a long way to go.

Here is what Paul thinks about it.

“But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world (Galatians 6:14).”

So when Paul wrote this to the Galatians it is important not to overlook he was talking to this church about the problem of Judaizing the faith.  Christianity completed the Old Covenant.  Christ was the perfect sacrifice.  By asking Jesus into your life and following after Him as a disciple you have the opportunity to know Him.  The Old ways were to point to Christ.  People actually came into the church and tried to make these non-Jewish converts act like Jews as a requirement of the faith.

Paul was an educated accomplished Pharisee with a great resume, which even  included persecuting the church when he was faithful to Judaism.  Paul knew the trap of religion all too well.  He knew about legalism.  Too often we trust Jesus to save us, but when it comes to the rest of life we try to help Him along.  We say, “God I got this!”  The truth is He’s got this!

Photo from Rootedcenter.com

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