Who is in Charge?

I just read a great post dealing talking about witnessing to unbelievers.  Here is the link Understanding Unbelievers .

A pastor I know gave a great explanation about current changes to evangelism when pondering the question, “What is the most important issue facing the church today?”

He went on to explain how many people feel it is how we handle: abortion, or gay-marriage, or how we structure our churches to be more relevant.  He mentioned several other issues.  He went on to explain that none of those things were the issue.  The issue comes down to who is in charge?  Is God in charge?  Is this God Jesus?  Everything else falls into place when we have this issue in order.

In the link above, Mark explain how in Romans 1 God reveals Himself through the natural world.  No one with a clean heart can look at this world that we live in and believe it was one big colossal accident.  You have to be crazy some would say.  I am going to suggest not crazy, just sinful and wanting to hold onto my rights to live my own life.

Thank you God for creating an amazing planet where your glory is revealed in nature every single day.


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