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‘He took the book off his shelf. –“Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis.  Lewis had been an athiest (and) set out as I did to convince himself of the correctness of his position and accidentally converted himself.  I took the book home, and in the first few pages realized that all my arguments in favor of athiesm were quickly reduced to rubble by the simple logic of this clear thinking Oxford Scholar.

I realized, “I’ve got to start over again here.  Everything that I had based my position upon is really flawed to the core.”‘

Francis C. Collins

Leader of The Human Genome Project

Author of “The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief”

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13 thoughts on “Great Quotes!

  1. Irrespective of any other faith based considerations Collins may have, at least his work proved unequivocally that the Genesis story of human creation is nothing but a work of fiction.


    1. He didn’t have a time machine. He wasn’t there. I find it funny how important this guys work is to you, and it help lead him to faith. Read about how he experienced God through that study.
      i guess you keep seeing what you want to see.
      If you think he is so brilliant did you bother reading his book on how science led him to deism and then to Christ. Your permanent bias keeps you from gaining all you could from a great mind like that.


      1. Didn’t have a time machine?
        What sort of bloody moronic response it that?

        I read his wiki article and his work with dying kids which led him to reexamine his perspective.

        He is also a vehement critic of Intelligent Design and Creationism which must piss on your bonfire.

        Irrespective of his theistic beliefs, his work on the Genome Project has kicked into touch the nonsense of an original couple, Adam and Eve or an original 1st human, Adam for good.
        Thank all the gods for that, right? And this must really piss-off Young Earth Creationists big time!

        What bias? I follow evidence.

        You have a presuppositional belief and pick and choose and bend your evidence to fit.
        This is utterly dishonest.
        Have you no integrity at all?


      2. My fire for Jesus continues to burn
        You can’t disprove intelligent design.
        He work with genetics doesn’t prove macro evolution it hasn’t been observed it there for is not provible.
        You on the other hand are taking the conclusions of a Christian deist are trying to apply them to your argument for athiesm, when the studies leader was blown away by the hand of God in what he found. He calls it the language of God.

        I don’t have to agree with his conclusion because again you can’t go back to observe how it happened. But the one who studies it closly sees God did it.


      3. You are the one using Collins for your own theological ends – which is blatantly dishonest.
        I am not using him or his arguments for atheism at all. Collins is still firmly a theist.

        The Human Genome Project proves that there was no original couple – Adam and Eve.
        This is scientific fact, based on the work which Collins helped pioneer.

        I don’t care if your burning belief in the character Jesus of Nazareth causes auto da fe.

        As no one can ”go back in time” and neither of us has a Delorean, then you cannot claim any veracity for the character, Jesus of Nazareth.
        Stop trying to be a smart-arse. You are no good at it and not that intelligent.


      4. Now you are name calling and it is time to quit. evidence produces what you look at to make conclusions
        He wasn’t there
        An honest scientist knows fact is proven
        Otherwise theory
        Out of time
        Good night ark


      5. Evidence does not lie. Only those that interpret it – like you.

        The Genome Project is unequivocal evidence that the biblical characters, Adam and Eve are fiction.
        To suggest otherwise means you are labeling Collins and all the experts frauds and liars.

        You talk about honesty!
        What a cheek!


  2. I find it interesting that so-called “open-minded” intelligent atheists find it necessary to revert to name calling like little children. I always wonder why they get so angry over Christian beliefs. Perhaps, there is something about that name, Jesus.

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    1. Angry only because such lies are foisted on children who have little defense against such indoctrination.
      You are perfectly entitled to believe what ever you like.You have that right. I just wish you would extend the same right to kids.


  3. Atheism is a belief too. You believe strongly in there being no God, so if you had a child you would probably openly and passionately share your views and pass those on to your children. That being said, why is it wrong for Christian parents to share their faith with their children? You are ignorantly making assumptions that all Christians are the same and force their children to believe the same way they do. Just to give you an example, my family loves the Lord and has experienced Him throughout our lives. We aren’t fundamental, but try to operate with grace and understanding. Our daughter has a great deal of faith in a living and loving God, not because we ever forced her too. I hope that you take some time to consider that you are stereotyping a very large and diverse group of believers.

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