Jesus Our Champion!

“For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.”

Hebrews 2:18


A close reading of Hebrews shows us a Jesus who is depicted as a military champion.  Champion warfare was still well known during the time of this writing.

Jesus is depicted as a champion who can fight, suffer and even die on behalf of the people, because He is also one of the people.

He is a champion and superior to the rest, yet one of the rest.  He was sinless and God in every way yet human in every way as well.

This is essential to the Gospel, our champion fights and wins on our behalf. He is God yet He did it as a human who experienced what we experience.

12 thoughts on “Jesus Our Champion!

    1. Not by true open minded theologians looking for evidence due to wtiting style, dating of the letter, where it is found etc.
      that is the thing with looking at the evidence you can’t just look at the same list of closed minded people.


      1. Evidence? This is what the evidence plainly tells us: It is fraud.

        And because what is claimed by the compilers is a first lie, namely authorship, then why must we trust anything else?


  1. What angry bias? If it is almost universally agreed by biblical scholars that this epistle is a forgery who am I to disagree?
    If you wish to dispute the overwhelming scholarly opinion then you may,of course, but it would be a measure of your integrity and your understanding of the scripture in question if you at least offered a reason why you consider it genuine.
    Are you able to do that?
    Somehow I doubt it …


    1. Your broad brush typical words. You offer nothing to the conversation because you don’t cite any sources or facts. You always talk in terms of all scholars as if all or that many agree on that much. Your effort is futile because you don’t put forth any you ask me to do all the work. You can pick a scholar who claims it is a fake by xyz, I can say it is genuine because of the work so and so did and blah blah blah.
      If u truly value evidence your efforts wouldn’t just be on finding who u agree with and quoting them as if they are the only ones or view out there.


      1. No, I said alost universally – not all scholars are I am sure that a number of evangelical innerantists think it is the genuine article.

        Will you change your mind if in present a relevant link that asserts what I have just stated?
        If you truly think you would re-consider your current view then I will be happy t post any number of links for you to examine.


      2. Then, as an erudite and well-researched scholar that I am sure you are, you must be fully aware that teaching/promoting the ”Pastorals”, 1&2 Timothy and Titus as authentic Pauline is simply immoral.
        How does this sit with your conscience?


      3. On an unrelated matter but not entirely non christian, as a Creationist what is your view on the Time Temperature Index relating to the exploration of oil?


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