Welcome to The Nanny State Everyone Loves You But No One Really Cares!

Recently my daughter had an indoor soccer game.  They have won some and lost some.  She is 6 years old.  She loves playing soccer and always wants me to play soccer with her.  She wants to play well and she wants people to see her do well.  I love to watch her play.  It reminds me of when I first started playing sports and it was fun, long before it got serious.

I think that is the intention when senerios play out like the one I will describe.  The team they were playing was not as good as them.  Her team won about 10 or 12 to zero.  No one is sure on the final score because they are 1st graders and it wasn’t a good game and it doesn’t really matter.  I couldn’t agree more.  But here is where we send children mixed messages.  Several girls scored goals, some more than one.  My daughter happened to get the 7th.

She was very happy with herself.  Her hardwork had paid off.  She scored and gets to taste what that feels like.  It makes her want to do it again.  That feeling makes her want to do good on her spelling test.  That feeling will hopefully help her to strive at living a life of excellence for Jesus.

When she looked at the scoreboard it never changed.  For the rest of the game the score only read 6-0.  On the way home I told her she had a good goal.  She replies, “It didn’t really count.”  To her the scoreboard didn’t change so the message she received was: It doesn’t count or matter and it is not worth being known.

This is my fear for the time we live in.  As an athlete I always knew where I was.  When I got pinned in a wrestling match I knew that that day I was inferior to my opponent and had some work to do.  When I first tasted victory it was all the more worthwhile.

In the realm of faith, we tell people they are born good instead of sinful.  In the world of achievement everyone gets a trophy and no one is suppossed to feel pain anymore, the problem with that is we don’t feel achievement anymore either.

Welcome to the Nanny State where everyone loves you but no one really cares.

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