Opportunity of Faith

When God interacted with the most powerful man in the world (Pharoah in Exodus) we see a hardening of the heart several times.  In some instances we see Pharoah hardening his own heart, other times God hardens the Pharoah’s heart.  Pharoah is often used as a point for electionists and an excuse not to evangelize.  Yes, Paul does use the hardening of Pharoah’s heart in Romans. Yes Pharoah was hardened for the salvation of others, but we can’t miss the main point.  Pharoah hardened his own heart too.

God doesn’t let us sit on the fence.  He will knock you off to one side or the other for the good of the many you may influence.  We are selfish by nature.  You are selfish.  I am selfish.  It is part of who we are.  Our voice needs heard.  Our needs need met.  We refuse to be disrespected, blah, blah, blah.

It is humbling when we stop and think about how many people we influence in our daily lives.  People play chicken with God.  They harden their hearts toward Him and play a game.  God is merciful and gracious but If our silly game is taking others to hell with us, I think that is when He says game over.

Open your heart to Jesus.  He chose to come here as one of us, suffer and die.  He defeated death on our behalf.  We do not get what we deserve because we were offered grace.  If you are holding on to something, let it go.  What God wants to give you is so much greater.  You will not regret it.  I promise you.  Thanks for reading.

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