Is Your Church Dead?

Well is it?

Let’s look at some important questions.  Answer them on your own and consider your church.

  1.  Do you leave church inspired to live better and know God more?
  2. Does the preaching of your church point to a clear Jesus who died and rose from the grave for you to know Him personally?
  3. Are their new converts in your church?
  4. Is your church planting other churches or sending out missionaries?
  5. Do the children of your church dream of teaching others about Jesus when they grow up?
  6. Are there current testimonies of people experiencing God in their daily lives?
  7. Does being around the people of your church drive you to know Jesus better and obey Him more?
  8. Do the youth of your church have testimonies of personal faith?
  9. Do the youth of your church have a passion for Jesus?
  10. Do the youth of your church have a passion for evangelism?
  11. When your church worships God do you experience the presence of God or are you waiting for it to be over?
  12. Are more people being baptized or confirmed into the faith by their own decision every year?
  13. Are marriages strong?
  14. Are children generally obedient to their parents? (Not perfect)
  15. Are addictions being broken?
  16. Are family relationships being restored?
  17. Do believers leave empowered with a sense of true security to reach out to a broken world while serving a living Christ?
  18. Do people experience God in their daily lives in such a way that they talk about it as a common experience?
  19. Are people being healed?
  20. Do you get the feeling the gates of hell can’t stand against the community you are a part of?

I have many more questions to add but 20 makes a good number for a post.

I talk to many who believe their church is dead but they will not leave.  Sometimes they believe God will use them there to revive it.  I respect that.  I haven’t met many who are willing to do what it takes to be that person.

The truth is Christians need a strong church.  God’s word is to be preached.  Worship is to be enjoyed.  Christian community is to be nurtured.  If you answered no to some of these twenty questions your church is in need.  If you answered no to more than 5 or 6 of these you have a lot to think about.



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