Last year the word was “Fulfillment.”  During the year my family and I got to see many events come to pass.  One of which was seeing my first book published.

Ten years ago I began a journey to develop a tool that would help anyone go through The New Testament day by day, and chapter by chapter.  The concept fits exactly into a year and helps people to understand The Bible in its original context.

This year the word is “Preserve.”  We have an ancient faith, a timeless faith.  The ways of Jesus are not new.  We live in a world of new ideas and all options are presented as equal.

I looked at a philosophy book last night in a bookstore filled with misquotes and scruptural misuses.  The point of the book was “faith is stupid.”

A question comes to mind; “How does someone get away with this?”  The answer is not enough people are equipped to refute someone who is bringing hard criticism to faith.

The ancient message as it was is not being preserved, not by the majority of us anyway.  Jesus trusted twelve men with this message,  they trusted others, who trusted others, who trusted us.

Not everyone along the way has proven to be trustworthy.  But Christ the original messenger and message Himself was and forever is.  For this reason I am forever grateful to Jesus whose message is to be passed on and preserved as it was originally taught.

Happy New Year as you preserve the ancient message of Jesus the Christ this year!

14 thoughts on “Preserve

  1. Oh, sir, you got my number. In the past, I have taught college-age home Bible studies on apologetics, really enjoy lay-person reading on canonization, textual criticism, etc, but have just recently been catapulted back into personal study due to some criticisms from our youngest daughter. HELP. New follow here and hope to see how you develop your word “Preserve.” Thanks.

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