Trolling at 30 thousand feet

Great story James.
I am convinced people make heart decisions. They might make it about proof because that makes them feel better, but many are too smart for Jesus until they go through something hard. When he does that guy will have a different conversation on the next plane.

Running The Race


During a recent flight, this happened.

Passenger: “Oh God, you aren’t going to preach to me for the whole flight, are you?”

Me: “Why would you assume I was?”

Passenger: “You have a Bible in your lap, that’s often how it goes with people like you.”

Me: “So you fly often, and often get preached to for entire flights?”

Passenger: “It happens.”

Me: “Often?”

Passenger: “OK, no. But it has happened.”

Me: “So what do you have against preaching?”

Passenger: “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Me: “How so?”

Passenger: “Trying to force people to believe in something from a book of myths? What sense does it make?”

Me: So were the dozens of people who preached to you for entire flights trying to force a belief on you?”

Passenger: “OK, maybe force isn’t the right word but they were definitely trying to talk me into something.”

Me: “Were they? Or…

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