Peace-Fool View

Nature Trees by the water

One morning a man awoke from a deep sleep. He was a proud man. He was proud of the life he had built for himself. As he walked outside he looked at the birds chirping and singing. He thought to himself, “How incredible!” It was the time of year when the flowers were blooming and butterflies were fluttering. It was still slightly dark and you could see the moon in the sky remaining from the night before. He could smell the grass that was freshly cut on his neighbor’s lawn. He could see the lake. The water had some boats on it, and people were enjoying the same beautiful world as him not very far off. The moment was filled with peace. It was almost as if he was given the very senses to experience this magnificent kingdom.

Then he thought, “Amazingly enough it is all an accident. The complexities of my senses, the perfect view of the lake and the moon, the smell of the grass, the perfect temperature, the sounds of the birds, it was all the result of an accident billions of years ago.” He then thought, “It is fantastic. No accident or collision that he has ever seen created anything but death and decay, but this one created life.”

Then his entire expression changed from peace to disgust. He burned with anger at the religious. He then decided, “I must tell the world. I must drive home the point of a pointless universe! I must tell them we are an accident and came from nothing. I must tell them there is no purpose.”   I must tell them because us smart ones are the most evolved.

When you ponder creation. The placement of the planets, the complexities of the human body, the environments we live in, the very lives we have here, don’t be foolish. God made you, and He created all you see. Call on Him. His name is Jesus!

“A fool says in his heart there is no God (Psalm 14:1).”

To say we come from nothing is a moral decision.

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