God Show Yourself

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A common misconception I hear from athiest is:

“Faith is proof without evidence.”

Another common one is,

“Faith is an unreliable process, it is pretending to know things you don’t know.”

My biggest problem with this is this is not my experience or the experience of many of the faithful.  These statements are rediculous to those who have encountered Jesus personally.  Convince the man who was healed of a disease, or the couple whose marriage was repaired.  Make those statements to those who drew near to Christ after losing a loved one, or going through divorce.  Ask the person if they were pretending to have a drug addiction, now that Jesus has set them free of it.  Nothing else worked, but Jesus did!

The argument is absolutely absurd, because the story of the faithful is God revealed Himself to us first.  There is our proof.

3 thoughts on “God Show Yourself

  1. God also showed up in creation and we all know he exists. The unbeliever denies what he/she knows. The unbeliever also hates the God he/she denies. So our experiences with God are meaningless to the unbeliever unless God does a firts work in the unbelievers heart.

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