Paul on Prayer


“Rejoice in the Lord always;  again I will say rejoice.  Let your reasonableness be known to everyone.  The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your mind in Christ Jesus.”

  • Phillipians 4:4-7

16 thoughts on “Paul on Prayer

  1. Intercessory Prayer is generally considered a waste of time by those who have taken the time to study the effects, including the Templeton Foundation.
    Although if you have some verifiable evidence of its efficacy I would be interested to read the results?


    1. Those who have been healed of disease life transformed into a new creation and have met the living Christ during their desperate time of need find your studies and waste of breath and time but thanks for sharing as always.

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      1. My nephew was born with Leukemia. He was too young to understand prayer or god-belief, his mother, my sister is a nurse and cared for him while he was in the oncology ward.
        It was touch and go whether he would survive and because of this I flew back to England to be woth the baby, even if only for a very short while.
        He recovered.
        There were no prayers or appeals to god believers only first class medical treatment.
        So, do you have any case studies of actual cancer patients recovering as a direct result of intercessory prayer?
        Of course, with you all praying for Rod Parsely, we have a real life actual case study on our hands at this moment, and I sincerely hope he makes a full recovery.
        Meantime, are there any other former cancer sufferers you can list who have been cured because of god belief/prayer, please Aaron?


      2. I know several people who were given a short time to live and God had other plans. As for your nephew I am glad he recovered. To say no one prayed for him is not provable and unlikely.
        As for Rod Parsely I hope he does recover. I would hardly call it a case study. God is not your lab rat. That is were the disconnect is. I speak of God and being his witness, He didn’t ask me to be His scientist. I try to be educated to have these discussions but I talk in terms of reliability and not provability because God would be a bully if He made it easy. There always has to be decision as to if I will believe what I see or not. Jesus Christ changed my life and I see Him do more everyday.


      3. I know several people who were given a short time to live and God had other plans.

        Life is precious. I am happy they pulled through.
        Now, are you going to share the evidence to support the effectiveness of the intercessory prayer that was directly responsible for their recovery?


      4. Lol… typical apologist!
        And if that poor bloke Parsley dies you lot will all bleat, It was ”god’s will!” or some equally pithy and meaningless remark.
        Have you never wondered why there are no faith healing wings in modern hospitals where all the religious dingbats can be housed in lieu of their greater faith in the Lawd rather than modern medicine?
        Hypocrites to the last.
        You lot are wont to say there are no atheists in foxholes, well there are even less genuine Christian patients in hospitals.
        Well, I for one really hope that poor old Rod’s doctors’ help him make a full recovery.
        Maybe he’ll see sense and flip the Lawd the bird?


      5. I find it funny how you speak to me as a category and not a person. Can’t you see it is all an effort to remove flesh from the bones. I am not a faith healer. Your the one talking about ROd Parsley. I had nothing to do with that conversation.
        I also go to the doctor if I need to but making someone a category instead of talking to the person does that.
        Thanks for sharing as always Ark.

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      6. Well, at times I try not to make my comments too personal as the ad hominum accusations then start to zing around the room. But you are all Christians are you not?
        Or is this an Orwellian case of some are more Christian than others?
        You make a statement about recovery through prayer yet refuse point blank to share evidence.
        Your brand of god-belief encourages sharing, ne mandates you to proselytize, yet when ask you become dismissive, deftly side step and refuse to discuss.
        Aren’t you supposed to help the ‘lost’?
        No matter how hard-hearted or cynical they are?
        Yet you gleefully espouse to your fellow god-believers, bursting with self-righteous ego-inflation and back slap each other about how wonderful your god is. ( Read: ”How great am I ‘cos am a Christian, and you are gong to Hell, you sinner?”)

        Well done, Charlapreneur. Mathew 23:13 fits the bill perfectly.


      7. Many assumptions without facts about your interactions with me. Once again God can heal if He wants to. He is God. He is not a science experiment.
        I marvel at these well known athiest quoting rediculous studies about how this group was prayed for and this one wasn’t. When your nephew was sick you are making a faith claim in saying no one prayed for him. A sick child, to say there was no janitor with faith, no friend who heard the story, amazing faith in nothingness.
        How about the faith in their is nothing beyond this life, yet a tiny human body has the built in the ability to endure sickness and treatment and make it. Your notions are faith claims and leaps. They are slanted, all because of a scripture quote.


      8. The Templeton Foundation is one of the foremost organisations that conducted such ”rediculous studies” by the way. They are not atheist but Christian Based.
        Oh, dear, did you forget that?

        Based on this alone, I think Matt 23:13 sits perfectly.
        But I will gladly retract if you have any evidence to back your claims. I am ,after all , a reasonable and open- minded man.


      9. Open mindedness is a great place to start but a terrible place to finish. I wrote a post about that once. You are no more open minded than me. The premise of such a study is not something that can be put under a microscope. I don’t care about foremost or any other qualifying statement.
        This is where this conversation is no longer worth my time. Thanks again for your thoughts.


      10. Wrong, I am open-minded and always ready to review and consider anything put in my way. You on the other hand, are not, simply because you are a prepositionalist.

        Of course it is not ”worth your time” as once more, when faced with truth your open-mindedness leaks out fast than a colander of water.


      11. You gave a an answer that is basically dishonest. Agenda? If there is one it is simply to uncover truth.
        You, like so many religious, people revel in obfuscation.
        Matthew 23: 13 is, sadly, almost a Christian mantra these days. If indeed it was ever anything other than.


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