Was Martin Luther against reason?

A great post on the Isaiah 53:5 project, I read and decided to pass on to my own readers. It is important to look at people like Richard Dawkins and consider where they get their information when they quote theology.

Running The Race


Richard Dawkins in his book “The God delusion” demonstrates a very poor understanding of Theology and matters of religion. This can be understood in part through his references to the Protestant Reformer, ‘Martin Luther’.

In his chapter “The roots of religion” (Page 190) Dawkins appears to argue that Christianity is against logical reasoning, which is a fallacy in itself and something that any decent Theological faculty would certainly disagree with Dawkins on and prove it by their works. Dawkins apparently quotes Martin Luther and offers a certain quote; “Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God”

Luther wrote in Latin and German and it is hard to define the quote itself due to variant translations and Dawkins offers no confirmation of which translation of Luther he is using, but it most likely…

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One thought on “Was Martin Luther against reason?

  1. Sadly, few people are truly aware of the history of this man, other than he is often considered the ”Father of Protestantism.”.
    He is on record as encouraging lying where it furthered Christianity and he was a rampant Antisemitic.
    One does not need to be an expert to understand this.


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