I Saw Jesus!

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Eye Witness Account

Simon of Cyrene Is Compelled to Carry the Cross

Many people today look at the Bible as just a book. Someone could have crafted the books of the New Testament to fit some passages with The Old Testament to come up with their own new religion. It is very easy to look at the Bible this way since we live in an age of media deception. Much of what we see on TV is not true. Pictures of models, actors and actresses have all been edited. Their lives are on display and edited for us to see a perfect picture.

This has spilled over into our churches. Small town pastors see airbrushed stories of giant mega churches, which leads them into years of lusting after being like the perfect church in the suburbs.

We are so used to having to read and sift through lies. When a person starts a new religion, they seem to be…

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