Christian Nation vs. Mission Field


There is a misunderstanding in Christian culture in the United States of America. Many believe we are a Christian nation. I say we are a mission field, and you can’t be both. Which place would you rather live? Both sides seem to want to interpret history according to how they want it to be. I am a Christian. I love Jesus and want none to perish, but all to come to a place of repentance in knowing the one true God. If you know me personally or my writings, you know that I care deeply about people knowing Jesus and following Him with their lives. So, which is best? Is it best to live in a mission field or in a nation that can top down legislate according to Christianity all the time?

Bullying people into right behavior doesn’t change their heart. I am not saying you shouldn’t care about political issues as a Christian, but legislating Christianity is not the same as preaching the Gospel. The Good News of Jesus Christ should not be shrunk down into a list of things we are against. Christianity has always gone against the grain of the culture. Soren Kierkegaard knew this when he said, “The situation is this. If everyone around defines himself as being a Christian just like ‘the other,’ then no one, if it is looked at this way, is really confessing Christ.”

People who push the ideology that we are a Christian nation to get there way politically don’t realize that it hinders the Kingdom of God. The advancement of the invisible Kingdom is altered because you end up with fake Christians. A fake Christian is someone who blends in. They do not really believe, but they are benefiting from being in the Christian subculture. To see more true conversions, we need there to be more at stake for saying you are one of us.

What God is doing right now in America is setting us up to be in a mission field. Give up the dream of a theocratic government. We are not Ancient Israel. Jesus is not leading our nation. He doesn’t approve of our views on marriage, our lack of taking care of the poor or the killing of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies a year. God doesn’t want to put his stamp on us as a nation yet. To declare us a Christian nation when we do not obey Christ is insulting to Jesus!

Yet the U.S. has qualities of a mission field. We are blessed to live in the greatest country of the world with millions of people who need to encounter the living Christ. We are able to share the love of Jesus freely with people everywhere as they discover He is the only true answer. We don’t have to leave here all the time and go to the ends of the earth. This is not Jerusalem. This is a Judea and we are moving towards it looking like the ends of the earth. God has a plan for your neighbor. That plan might not be getting you to like the same news channel or agree on social issues. That plan does include you stepping into their world as a missionary and teaching them about Christ.

You see when you go into a mission field you do certain things. You develop a deep understanding and love for the people and the culture. The church needs to understand we are a separate culture from the people around us. That is what it means when we say, “We are not of this world.” The non-believers around you don’t get you. Don’t use words like fellowship, justification or propitiation. They don’t care about your end of days ideas, thoughts on baptism or if you are eternally secure or not. They may learn that language as they are saved and grow, but these people around you are a mission field. They are not a nation of Christians.

Welcome to the mission field, go and tell the world. The harvest is plentiful but more workers are needed (Luke 10:2).

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19 thoughts on “Christian Nation vs. Mission Field

  1. Very nice, and I am finally glad I saw somebody put this in words. I have often wondered what would happen if we spent the time we spend trying to change the government talking to and watching people change. We elect a Christian president? So what, really? Change comes from the individual up, not the top down. At least the change we want to see as Christians.

    Who wants a Theocracy? Anytime the government and the church have been intertwined the results have been awful.

    Gosh, I’m a Baptist, what if the Episcopalians were in charge!(that was my feeble attempt at a joke)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I asked u to make a case and you can’t. I didn’t tell u my position because the conversation was about yours. The truth is you don’t have evidence to stand on and I am calling your bluff.

        When I talk to you I don’t quote other athiest because I am talking to u

        So make your case.


  2. The difference between me and you is I beleive dialoge has certain responsibilities. Simply making broad claims and quoting who u feel is the most reliable is not a worthy discussion. If you make a claim like u did. Be responsible take the information u have and use it. Do the interpretation of the evidence and bless me with it. Show me my error. I am sensing playtime is almost over because u refuse to back up your claim proof to u is about quoting someone who agrees with you or is qualified. Those of us who want truth approach it a different way


    1. The fact is I am completely prepared to have a conversation with you about this topic. I do not need to leap around the Internet to find the names you are citing.

      You make aggressive claims about what I will or will not accept. You quote names like it is going out of style and make condescending remarks about belief systems yet in this conversation you have contributed nothing. You do not present an idea of your own or evidence.

      It is easier to tear something down than present something. I will not do the work for you. If u believe in those people present there ideas and we can converse. Until then I am ending this pointless chatter.


  3. Now we are getting somewhere. Don’t be surprised if I have to put this off until Monday after a little bit of this, but let’s talk about Professor Herzog. From what I understand about his work, is he is the type of guy you like.

    He offers few explanations to what actually happened. He simply tears down the view by saying I have looked here and there for several years and it is not there.

    Let’s look at what people said about it when it first came out.

    “We found almost certain proof that the story of the entry into Israel is very believable,” said Zertal, who has spent eight years excavating a site on Mount Ebol, where the Bible states Joshua set up his first altar to God. “The relevant materials are in the field. We only have to find them.”

    ———-Adam Zertal archaeologist at the University of Haifa

    “Archaeology does not have the power to disprove the written record. If you ask a good archaeologist, he will say that he cannot find out the entire truth.”

    ——– Avraham Malamat Jewish history expert at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

    He also denies a lot. He denies the existence of David and Solomon. This is what a colegue said about that below:

    While conceding that the Bible probably glorified David and Solomon, Avraham Biran, head of archaeology at Jerusalem’s Hebrew Union College, said an inscription he discovered at Tel Dan in northern Israel proves their prominence at the time. The Aramaic inscription, attributed to a king of Damascus, refers to a “House of David” and is believed to date from the ninth century B.C. — 100 years after David.

    “If an Aramaean king from the middle of the 9th century knew about the existence of David, why should an archaeologist say that he doesn’t?”

    You see Ark. Now we are getting outside of his area. What an Archelogist doesn’t understand if they don’t get this time period is that to make up lies as stories were passed down from generation to generation was not an easy thing to do. The oral traditon for these people was very important and sustained them as a people. So if someone lied a person had a moral responsibility to correct them. To make claims these things didn’t happen just because he (a great archeologist couldn’t find them is not responsible science).

    But this seems to be what you cling to. You don’t have proof for what actually happened you only want to tear down. It is much easier to tear a story apart than to actually discover what happened.

    You have much bigger problems. The biblical account is still the best explanation for several things:

    Where were they if they were not in Egypt?
    Did they have a land?
    When did hundreds of thousands of people decide to come up with a massive conspiracy about the time they spent in slavery and how they were delievered?
    Why didn’t they make themselves look better in the story?
    Why didn’t they dominate with the sword and lift up their own ego’s? Why the stubborn and stiff necked people?
    Why the golden calf?

    Anyone who says David and Solomon didn’t exist is not being responsible with History.


    1. I have studies I will bring up but like I said you are a guy with no answers. Your entire mo is about disproof. The burden of proof is still on you, where were they?

      This study shows nothing. History is written by the great civilizations. It is hard to find good work done on the persecution of the American indian. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

      You have proved nothing. Talk to u Monday.


  4. I did mention that I have studies. You have studies you trust the source. I have studies I trust. I feel this will be a very circular discussion that will not be fruitful for either of us.

    I deleted a couple of your comments because you were calling a certain creationist an idiot, you were bringing up several topics at once and I don’t have the time to hash out every point just to have us both in the same place as at the end.

    Feel free to comment on my posts about what I am talking about, but sorry my time is limited. Play time is over for right now.

    I do apologize but I don’t really have time to play today.


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