Did He Say Yesus?

Did He Say Yesus?

The golden calf as described in the book of Exodus

A young preacher in his twenties sat listening to a passionate pastor who had a knack for stirring up the crowd. As he talked, the pastor liked to stretch out the name of Jesus. Only He didn’t quite say it right. When he spoke, the word would have actually been spelled Yesus. When he really got going it became Yeeeee-suuuuus!   Sus was said in a deep voice. The Yeee started to sound more like a high pitched weee at one point. The Sus became deeper and more powerful the longer he spoke. By the end of the message you couldn’t even make out the name of Jesus.

I have a dog named Munroe. Over time, his nicknames have morphed into all sorts of names, but the end results are words with barely any similarities. Now when someone comes over they say, “What did you call him?” He recognizes all of those names even though they are not his name.

Today my fear is we have done this with Jesus. We have, over time, changed Him and molded Him into our own image. Christians must be careful not to try to remake Jesus in their own image.

Christianity is not just about following the Bible and experiencing God in the moment; it is also built with a strong theological foundation. The foundation starts with Moses and the Jewish Prophets. John the Baptist paved the last part of the road to prepare for Jesus. Jesus then empowered the apostles to lead the church. For the last 2000 years, there have been millions of lives changed for Jesus. In those last 2000 years, church fathers and influential thinkers have continued to dig deeper into truth, and built a strong foundation for us all. Christianity should be ever reforming and understanding the meaning of it all on a deeper level, but we can’t violate the foundation that has been laid.

One aspect that separates Christianity from a cult is history and the foundation laid and built upon all this time. When a new teaching arises and the culture embraces it, the mature believer needs to take caution. When Christians are quick to embrace ideas that are extra-biblical and extra-Christian, that is a dangerous game.

The church has some responsibility to bear in the degradation of the Christian foundation. Many years ago we started saying Yesus. No one noticed then it became Yasus. Then the word changed over and over again. It is no longer recognizable. It makes you wonder if we worship Jesus now or an idol.

To the believer who is embracing Jesus who is not really Jesus anymore, because you have begun to mold and shape Him in your own image, please come back. We love you. Be careful. To go against thousands of years of Biblical history and 2000 years of church history without being sure is not something to be done on a whim. It must be thought through carefully.

Thank you for Reading.

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