A Tale From Not that Long Ago in a Land not so Far Away (Chapter 2) — Continuation from A Tale Not that Long Ago in a Land not so Far Away (Chapter 1) – Posted July 3rd

Nature Trees by the water

The Gathering

John the Baptizer is still out preaching and teaching. The more Media continues to stir the pot, the more converts he has. The message of Book has always gone against the grain of the culture. Following King has always been hard in the Land of Nation. When people are called to a hard message, they respond. When people gather to talk about how everyone is okay, that has no staying power, but a rough neck named John who curses out sin and calls out politicians draws attention. There is something about John’s confidence that makes people say, I want to be like that. I want to follow after King with that type of resolve. I want to believe Book like he does. I want to stand for Truth like that.

Let me catch you up on yesterday’s events. Cultured has just reported to the authorities that John had committed a hate crime to some church members. John the Baptizer refused to Baptize someone who claimed to be a follower of King. John is now being summoned to appear in court. Under the law, you can’t deny baptism to anyone because of anything. This was discrimination and a hate crime. John’s defense is he couldn’t baptize someone who only followed King with words, but whose actions show something different.

Witnesses were called from all five of the main groups who follow King and believe in Book. First Cultured took the stand. The woman representing the group who is named appropriately, Whatdoesshesay, has taken the stand. She is going on and on about all of the things John has said, and to whom he says these things. Much of What John said were direct quotes from Book. She sounded like she never heard those quotes before. The longer she talked, the less she was understood. This was the moment John cracked a smile because Whatdoesshesay really did not say anything. He knew it accomplished nothing for their cause.

Next someone from the Emotionalites talked about how John didn’t understand his feelings. John wasn’t understanding when the man told John about a sin in his life. John simply told the man to quit. He told him the King who defeated death gave you power over sin. John also pulled him from serving in the church, because of this sin. The Emotionalites felt this type of influence should be banned.

The biggest shock was when the Fundees brought a chart that described how giving to their congregation has gone down since John had exposed truth about one of their leaders and publically told him to stop sinning against King and not following Book.

The Traditionalists were mad John didn’t teach the children ancient songs, but only told them not to live like their parents were living. The Students stood silent. One told the court that John stopped teaching him about Book when he refused to address an issue in his life. John told him that to stop sinning was more important than to learn about Book.

Before the verdict John gets a chance to speak. What will he say?

Cover Front and Back Final

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