If They Could Only See



By Aaron Mitchell

I was listening to the radio this morning in my car. I heard the familiar song by Tonic. The words go, “If you could only see the way she loves me, maybe you would understand.” As the song is performed, of course it is about a relationship between a man and a woman, but somehow I thought about the words in terms of what it means to follow Jesus.

You see everyone is a theological thinker. Not everyone is a good theological thinker, but we all do it. We have certain thoughts and understanding about who God is, or isn’t, and how he interacts with us. John Wesley gave us the Wesleyan quadrilateral. There are 4 quadrants where people develop their theology: Scripture, Reason, Tradition and Experience.


If someone is an atheist, scripture still counts simply because they reject it.   For a Christian, scripture is usually a large part of how we come to conclusions. Plain reason is where many people live. They just reason from common sense how they believe God interacts with us. Many people are focused mostly on preserving traditions, but all of us do this at least a little. Last we have Experience. This is the backbreaker. When we reason out important issues in our culture we look at our own experience. We look to the past pain of our family and friends. We look at the ways we have hurt others or have been hurt. Experience is important. For some people almost all of their thoughts about God and the world we live in stems from experience. For some, experience would be almost everything.

When I heard that song this morning I couldn’t help but think, if they could only see. Who might you ask? If the non-believer, atheist, God hater, Christian mocker, agnostic or the one on the fence could only see, maybe they would understand. I talk about the reasons God exists, or why Jesus is who He said He was as good as most people, but at the end of the day I just want people to see what I see, and experience what I have experienced. What I have experienced is a Savior, who saved me completely from hell, and saves me from myself on a daily basis. Everyday, I have an opportunity to get to know Him better and He has set in front of me a magnificent plan.

So, if they could only see the way He loves me, maybe they would understand.

Thank you for reading.

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