A Tale From Not that Long Ago in a Land not so Far Away (Chapter 1)

A Tale From Not that Long Ago in a Land not so Far Away

Chapter 1

Nature Trees by the water 

By Aaron Mitchell

Allow me to set the scene. In the land of Nation several groups live. They are mostly part of a group called Crowd. Crowd decides the direction. Crowd is filled with people who agree on most things. Crowd loves to make the decisions for Nation. Whatever Crowd wants, Crowd gets.

The opinions and thoughts of Crowd change all the time. They change with the wind actually. One minute a certain type of clothing is popular, the next minute it is not. One minute there is a certain idea about morality, within months that idea has changed. The important thing to understand is Crowd sees themselves as in charge of truth and the determinant of right and wrong.

Life in Nation is complicated because of Crowd and their government leaders whom they elect. There is a head official and other representatives, but Nation is to be led by Crowd. It is a government for the Crowd, by the Crowd and of the Crowd. Do not forget Media is always in conversation with Crowd and responsible for helping Crowd to think clearly, or as clearly as they see.

Within Crowd there are several subgroups who believe in different things. Once upon a time, most of Crowd identified themselves as King Followers of some kind. As I introduce you to the five main groups of King Followers in Nation keep in mind many do not believe in King or Book.

Some of the believing Crowd identifies themselves with the Fundees. The Fundees are strict and read Book. The Words in Book are more important than the context. Reading Book is straightforward, because the Fundees stick only to what it says. Book is a direct manual for life to the Fundees. Once upon a time, it is believed that Fundees made up a much larger part of Crowd. But no one really remembers. The problem with Nation is memories seem to reflect desires for the future. It is important to note that Fundees believe strongly in Book and King.

There is also a group called Students. Students love Book. They believe in King. They understand Book needs to be understood through the lens of past culture and in proper context. They try to follow King by living according to how they interpret Book.

Another main group to know about in Nation is, Cultured. They also believe in King. They don’t believe in Book as much. For Cultured book is flawed and outdated, but King is everlasting. They seem to disagree on how to follow King, because of their views on Book. Some also insist you call King by the name Queen. I will stop there because it becomes very confusing.

The fourth group is the Traditionalites, which are made up of people who believe in King, they have positive thoughts about Book, but are focused on maintaining the traditions and procedures for worshipping King.

Finally, the Emotionalites enter the scene. Everything for the Emotionalites is experience and feeling. They love King and Book but most of all they want to feel and experience King in powerful ways.

Once upon a time, in the land of Nation a man named John came along. He didn’t associate with any one particular group, but He believed in King. John loved Book. He actually believed so much, he felt free to say anything that needed to be said at any time. John baptized most of the followers of King in the land of Nation.

He is humble and obedient to King. People always have loved John because He tells truth. As times have changed and the ideas of Crowd have changed, John hasn’t changed. People still listen to John, but only some from each of the five main groups. Truth is becoming something not wanted.

As times have changed, it is now apparent something must change in Nation. Crowd has changed and there is no room for John’s version of truth. There is no room for his rants about Book, or his pithy thoughts on King.

The land of Nation has become crowded with people sick with anger and who lack future site. Many of them belong to the five major groups who claim to follow King. Media points a strong finger at John. Media is helped by other groups known as: Athey, Agno, Edu, Bio and some others.

The land of Nation is filled with people who want to do what they want and they want to think what they want to think. Even though John hasn’t changed, it seems many want him to leave Nation. John says King wants him here. There are others though that used to like John a little who are now completely in love with him. John continues to baptize and seems to say more and more unpopular things to Crowd.

What will happen next?

(To Be Continued)

Cover Front and Back Final

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